[Autism Society Greater Tucson] Summer Drumming for Children with Autism, Peers, Everyone

Hi all,


Summer is almost here and Remo HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming is on the move. I am a certified Health Rhythms Facilitator offering a free introductory sensory assessment visit to introduce your child to many of the instruments provided.  From there they can move into a group drum circle of friends and family or a  local community HealthRHYTHMS session (now pending.)


What is Group Empowerment and Recreational Drumming?  It is a protocol that uses fun percussion instruments (drums, bells, chimes, rhythm makers, ocean drums, rain sticks, etc. ) and the wisdom that follows from ancient drum circles to the therapeutic research-based drum circles of today.   The research shows that those ancient people were not wrong to build community with music and calm their lives through rhythmic entrainment.  As a part of my services as Different Drum Learning Designs, LLC  I am a certified HealthRHYTHMS facilitator.  My early work in Tucson with children with autism, including and especially those who are nonverbal,  and drumming has been very satisfying. The difference in my approach is that I have incorporated Brain Gym exercises and assistive technology so learning and communication are not forgotten to those with autism and their typical peers in these groups.  I have an ABA background, so I can safely say we will discover many new natural environment opportunities for attending, imitation and communication.  All children will end up choosing instruments on their own, naming rhythms, participating in rhythmic games, listen to a variety of rhythmic patterns and tones and serve as the facilitator of their group.  Yes, they will facilitate their group.  Now that's awesome!


Please see the attached HealthRhythms flier as well as an overview of all the services coming in August from Different Drum Learning Designs, LLC.  Please call me at the number listed to schedule your free drum session and let's Celebrate the Difference this summer!


Thank you,

Gale Prol

Different Drum Learning Designs, LLC

M Special Education

BA Music Education and Performance

Certified HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator

520-370-7153, cell

520-468-5118, business

see  http://www.remo.com/portal/hr/index.html